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A Meditation on the Glikhuta Text for Sunday, 15 January 2017

“As the sun is the joy of them who seek its daybreak, so is my joy the Lord; because He is my Sun, and His rays have lifted me up; and His light has dismissed all darkness from my face. — Odes of Solomon 14:1,2

As the author of this Ode says, with the joy we find in the daybreak, giving thanks to God for the rising of the sun, our joy is heightened even more in the One who brings forth the light of the day.

It is the Light of God that removes all falsehoods, and exposes evil works of those who do not serve the Father of Greatness.
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Homily: Filling Our Lives with Godly Activities

Filling Our Lives with Godly Activities

In today’s homily, we are going to be examining various topics pointed out in the 23rd verse of the 19th chapter of the Acts of Mar Mani. In this verse, there are five topics outlined.

Specifically, these are:

1) Alms-giving for forgiveness of sins;
2) the Meal of the Holy Table;
3) the Seventh Day for resting;
4) reading the Holy Scriptures; and
5) translating and copying the Scriptures

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Glikhuta Meditation for Sunday, 1 May 2016

“Every true gift that is found in your hands is there because of the Father of Light who always gives good gifts.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 4:3

Do we recognize a gift when we see it? Do we realize that each day that we awaken, it is a gift? Do we truly give thanks to the the Source of these and all good gifts? The Father of Greatness, referred to as the “Father of Light” in this verse, is the One which we give thanks for all that we have.
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A Meditation on the Glikhuta Text for Sunday, 27 March 2016

“You have given to us Your fellowship, not that You were in need of us, but that we are always in need of You.” — Odes of Solomon 3:9

Are we so arrogant that we think of ourselves as if God is in need of us? Does our pride stand in the way of progressing in the Light of the truth? Are we examples of the living Word of God, the holy teaching of Maran? Are we helping others to seek the fellowship of God as the source of all good and righteousness?
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