Appreciating our Scribes

ink-writing-scribe“When the calendar refers to Scribes’ Day, it is referring to a day when Religion of Light scribes observe special prayers related to their responsibilities; this is also a day when others can show their appreciation for and to the scribes.” *

Concerning the scribes, the Manichaean Holy Book of Light says, “The scribes help bring the Message of Light to all the nations and islands throughout the world; truly their hands are blessed to spread the Call and their feet are swift to carry the burden of their individual responsibilities. Let all those within the Religion of Light, give thanks to Aten, day after day, with the rising of the sun in the eastern horizon, for His scribes who are active in helping spread the Call to humanity. The scribes are the possession of the Aten, and a gift to the Temple.” — Teaching of Smenkhkare 10:1-3

A special message to scribes is found in the back of the Holy Book of Light, which says:

May a special blessing be upon all the scribes. Your labours for the One God and for His children are a blessing to all those who honour the Truth and the Light.

Our scribes are responsible for copying and translating the various texts of the Religion of Light — not only Scriptural texts, but also directives and special materials. Not everyone is cut out for this job, and it could be said that some are called to this duty. A scribes’ duty is sacred and should never be taken lightly.

One of the easiest ways anyone can show their appreciation for our scribes is to simply say thank you. Some who are in a position to do so, can provide gifts to the scribes in the manner of supplies unique to their duties, or money so they may purchase supplies from shops local to them.

Whatever you do on Scribes’ Day, be sure to let them know that you appreciate them and what they do.

* 2016 Manichaean Calendar

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