connect-20333_640The Religion of Light Magazine provides insights on Epistles, sharing news and announcements from the worldwide community and articles in general on theology, missions, tradition and cultural perspectives concerning the Religion of Light.

Our sources for divine or spiritual education are derived from all the different branches of the Religion of Light including: Manichaean (Syriac/Persia), Mingjiao (China), Essene (Aramaic), Mithraic (Persia), Marga Mani (India) and others. Thus, we are a community of brothers and sisters who seek unity among all blessed spiritual communities of Light. Ajahn Jyoti said, “Unity is not just a short, five letter word. When we use it in the context of His Divine Presence combining the covenants, it is in reference to a major historical event.”

The Religion of Light does not attempt to conform to any religious group, but transforms what is good in others to the Religion of Light itself.

The letters and other information on this site are intended for use among adherents of the Religion of Light, their congregations, institutions and missionary centers.