A Meditation on the Glikhuta Text for Sunday, 21 February 2016

“Tell [the sons of men] to practice that which is virtuous for liberation from the world of darkness unto the Kingdom of Light.” — Prophecy of the Sun 5:3

Have I been living a virtuous life? Is my lifestyle in accordance with the Will of the Father of Greatness as it has been revealed by the Teacher of Light?

Do I have appreciation for the gifts given to me by the Father? Do I exhibit gratitude for the numerous blessings that I have received from the Kingdom of Light?

Do my activities bring joy to my Lord or do they bring a smile upon the face of the dark one?

Am I am an example to others in living according to the Teaching of the Master?

Father of Greatness, great is thy Name in all the universe.
May all the celestial beings and the sons of men give forth praise to thee for all eternity.

Mother of Mercy, blessed is thy presence among thy children.
May the congregations of the sons of men give heed to thy holy influence, and act accordingly.

Son of Light, praised is thy kingdom reign and holy teaching.
May I be found worthy to carry thy truth to the sons of men and be an example to all, for the glory of thy name.


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