A Meditation on the Glikhuta Text for Sunday, 13 March 2016

“You have given Your heart, Maran [Our Lord], to Your believers. Never will You be idle, nor will You be without fruits; for one hour of Your faith is more excellent than all days and years.” — Odes of Solomon 3:4,5

Do I express gratitude for the blessings that the Father of Greatness bestows upon me each day? Do I verbally or mentally express, in prayer to God, my thankfulness for those benefits He made for me yesterday, has made for me today, and promised to make for me tomorrow? Do I thank God in advance of receiving His gifts?

Have I ever thought that God was slow in fulfilling His promises? Do I, on a regular basis, set aside time to reflect on the goodness and holiness of Almighty God? Have I wasted time this year on worldly affairs such as entertainment, when I could have used that time for God instead?

O Father of Greatness, I praise thee and lift up thy Name to all before me.
I give thanks unto thee for all that has been provided unto me and to all thy children in the congregation of truth.
I give thanks unto thee for that which was bestowed upon me yesterday, today, and I give thanks unto thee for they bounteous promises of tomorrow. Amin.

O Mother of Life, how pleasant is thy company and how beautiful is thy name.
Help me to always recall the goodness of the Lord, my God.
Help me to cultivate a heart of genuine gratitude for all that the Father has provided. Amin.

O Living Spirit, I give thanks unto Abba d’Rabbuta for thy teaching and promise to share it with others to the best of my abilities.
Surround me, O Lord, with thy Light and grant unto me the ability to use my hands and my feet to spread thy teaching.
Shape my mouth, O Lord, with wisdom to speak to others of the truth, blessings and promises of the One who sent thee. Amin.

O Teacher of Light, Mar Mani Khaila, I thank the Father, the Mother and the Son, for having provided unto me a teacher who brings my soul closer to the Light, the Holy Source of all that exists in truth.
Help me, with thy teaching, to continue walking in the Religion of Light — the gift of true religion from the Father of Lights above. Amin.

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