“A man must not put out his hand and hurt this Living Cross.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 57:7

The Living Cross, as explained by Mar Mani, is the soul imprisoned in matter. The Holy Book warns that we are not to “recklessly and greedily” bring harm to the Living Cross.

Bringing harm to the Living Cross is done so by our eating, but the Holy Book also recognizes the obvious need for the human body to consume food. However, it says that when we do, it should not be done “recklessly and revelling in gluttony and greed.” Mar Mani teaches us that we should eat when in hunger and drink when in thirst so as to “derive nourishment for your bodies.”

Let us always eat in moderation, and show our appreciation and gratitude to the Father of Greatness who has provided us with sustenance.

(Devotional for 24 February 2016 by Br. Doran)

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