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All of the Truth and Light

“Yisho dug a river in the world, he dug a river, even he of the sweet Name; he dug it with the spade of Truth, dredged it with the basket of Wisdom. The stones he dredged from it are like pieces of incense, all the waters that are in it are roots of Light.” Gospel of Mar Mani 34:11,12

Our Lord prepared and cultivated the land in order to create a spiritual river, so to speak, that he would then fill with living waters.
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Religion of Light Resources for 26 January 2016

sunshine-sunrise-lake-water-morning-lightShlama lukh,

We set aside today in honour of the Third Messenger, and this evening, most Manichaeans and some other adherents of the Religion of Light in other spiritual communities will have a Meal of Honour during the evening.

Our daily reading is from the 29th chapter of the Gospel of Mar Mani. Daily readings from the Holy Book are posted by Akhi Shamon here.
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Confidence in our God

The evil one “grasps all that he hears from their mouth, he even knows the wink they give as a sign among themselves; but their heart is not clear to him; he knows and marks only what is before his eyes, he does not see what is afar, nor does he hear it.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 29:9,10

In the Gospel of Mar Mani, we are told that the evil one is unable to hear our thoughts, that he (or she) can only observe our actions. Additionally, the Scriptures inform us that the king of darkness is unable to see into the future. This especially relates to us as individuals.

The official church commentary on the 29th chapter of the Gospel of Mar Mani says, “… the king of darkness can not discern the thoughts of man. He does not know their silent prayers to the Father of Greatness. This must be very frustrating to the king of darkness because he can not make plans ahead of time based on the privately held thoughts and contemplations of humanity.”

With this knowledge, the confidence we have in our God should be even stronger than ever. Knowing that our prayers and private thoughts directed to God, are never heard by the evil one — that when we pray, our prayers are taken directly to the throne of God who is above the heavens, outside of time and space. Our silent meditation, and the righteous desires of our heart, can not be touched by the evil one. We should strive to increase the times and the quality of our prayers. We can speak to God in the silence of our hearts, and He can hear us.

Devotional for 26 January 2016, by JBS