Monthly Archives: October 2015

An Enlightened Heart

“Teach me the odes of Your truth, that I may produce fruits in You. And open to me the harp of Your Holy Spirit, so that with every note I may praise You, Maran. According to the multitude of Your mercies, so grant unto me, and hasten to grant our petitions. For You are sufficient for all our needs. Halleluyah.” — Ode 13:7-9

In their gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon them, adherents of the Religion of Light, continually praise God by the use of psalms, special prayers, music and in silence. We give forth praises of thanksgiving and gratitude to the Father of Greatness, the Divine Mother, the Blessed Son, all the various Celestial Beings, including Mar Mani Khaila – our Teacher of Light.
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Living in Faithfulness

“Let me be pleasing before You, because of Your glory, and because of Your name let me be saved from the evil one. And let Your gentleness, Maran, abide with me, and the fruits of Your love.” — Ode 13:5,6

As sons and daughters of the inexhaustible Light, we give our praises forth to the Father of Greatness, and extol His wonders throughout the earth for His salvation. He has provided us many weapons to utilise against the evil one — namely, the Three Pillars of our Faith: Scripture, Tradition and Revelation.
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A Meditation on the Glikhuta Text for Wednesday, 28 October 2015

“Praise be to the Father of Greatness who blesses all peoples with the truth of the Living Spirit.” (PsK 11:6)

Regardless of who a person is, they have the opportunity of learning about the Father of Greatness and His standard. They can receive divine wisdom if they repent, put aside their pride and open themselves up to the influence of the blessed Spirit of holiness. Mar Mani says that “all peoples” can be blessed by Abba d’Rabbuta. As human beings, we have not been appointed as judges to choose who may or may not be called by the Spirit in this lifetime.
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The Mercy of God

“Turn not aside Your mercies from me, Maran; and take not Your kindness from me. Stretch out to me, my Lord, at all times, Your right hand, and be to me a guide till the end according to Your will.” — Ode 13:3,4

We beg of our God to continue displaying mercy toward us, as His children, who are unable to do anything on our own. We must accept correction from the Father of Greatness, who disciplines us in His love and compassion. For this correction, we are most grateful.
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