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Divine Guidance

“Those who are being called by the Mother shall receive the revelations and the teaching.” — Prophecy of the Sun 2:10

As adherents of the Religion of Light, one of our goals is to eventually become perfected in the Light. To accomplish this we must make sure that we are taking in accurate knowledge of the Father of Greatness, the Twelve Virtues as provided to our Prophet and Lord Mar Mani, as well as practicing loving kindness toward all living beings.
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Godly Instruction

“His delight is in the Instruction of Il’Ya. On His Instruction he meditates day and night.” — Psalms of Israel 1:2

The Holy Book contains within it the very presence of the Living Spirit. As such, we treat it with utmost respect. Within the Holy Book we also have instructions to help us every day while we live in this world. That instruction assists us in coming to a proper knowledge of the Will of the Father of Greatness.
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Righteous and Wicked

“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand on the path of sinners, nor sit in the seat of scoffers.” — Psalms of Israel 1:1

How fortunate we are to have the Holy Book of Light to serve as a guiding light upon our daily path. The Holy Book helps us each day to see the path of the wicked for what it is — the evil one’s destructive plan for humanity — and to see the beautiful path that the Living Spirit has put before us for our future.
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Perfect Wisdom

“Yisho is the King of perfect Wisdom, the wonderful and precious Flower of the Light, the Twin who comes to the Messenger and appears to him, being an intimate of his, accompanying him everywhere and helping him always out of all the troubles and the dangers.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 28:13

In this passage we are told that Yisho is not only the “King of perfect Wisdom” but also that “He is the First of the Messengers, Guide of those who are in the flesh.”
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Ark of Salvation

“Yisho is a mighty Light, the Lamp of all the Aeons, the Flower of the Mother of Light, the Light of the Beloved One, the Beauty of the Fair One, the Twin of the Perfect One, the Pair of Wise One.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 28:8

The Holy Book of Light tells us with no uncertainty that “Yisho is a mighty Light, the Lamp of all the Aeons, the Flower of the Mother of Light … the Father of the Mind of Light.” Yisho is “the Safety of the Assembly … our enlightening Knowledge, our perfect Reason.”
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