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Teaching in Unity with the Mind of our Teacher

“Pure Teaching remains forever. I teach the sincere that a gradual learning of the Pure Teaching leads one to perfection. It is difficult for some men to realise the essentials of this simple truth; the Pure Teaching is not easily perceived by all men; perfection in the Pure Teaching is mastered by the one who knows, and to the one who aspires to walk in the Five Perfections: 1) Perfect Reason, 2) Perfect Mind, 3) Perfect Intelligence, 4) Perfect Thought and 5) Perfect Understanding.” — Awakening Soul 1:14-16
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Divine Medication

“The caustic medicines are the Precepts, while the cooling medicines are the forgiveness of sins – he who would be healed, see, of two kinds are the medicines of Life!” — Gospel of Mar Mani 63:3

Many people think that forgiveness is instantaneous. According to the beliefs of all Spiritual Communities within the Religion of Light, forgiveness could be instant or it could be provided over a period of time. This depends on the severity of the crime committed and the level of guilt within the individual. Obviously for the gift of forgiveness to be administered, the one who is guilty must have genuine repentance and remorse for the trespasses he or she committed. He or she must be more than willing not to commit the same sin again.
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Seeking Stones and Pearls

“He gave the Call and the Hearing to the Elements, he formed Yisho the child; he chose his disciples, the beginning of his sheepfold; he traversed Judea looking for stones; daily he went to the seashores seeking after pearls.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 34:16

The word “stones” in this verse is referring to redeemable souls. Yisho went about looking for such souls in Judea and along the seashore looking for pearls.
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The Living Book of Instruction

“The Lord [YHWH] is on my head like a crown, and I shall never be without Him. Plaited for me is the crown of truth, and it caused Your branches to blossom in me. For it is not like a parched crown that blossoms not; for You live upon my head, and have blossomed upon me.” — Odes of Solomon 1:1-4

The crown that the Lord places on our head, as King Solomon said, is not a parched, or dead crown, but it is one that blooms forth with living blossoms. The language in these verses, as is with much of the text in the Holy Book, is symbolic or written in a metaphorical sense. (See marg. note for TMI 74:1) Adherents of the Religion of Light know that the crown represents the truth as breathed forth from the very mouth of the Father of Greatness and dispensed to the disciples of light by the Divine Messengers. (TBL 1:1)
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