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Should Violence Be Used in Protesting Violations of Human Rights?

A Religion of Light Scriptural Perspective

The recent violent outbreaks toward police officers in Boston, Massachusetts, and what we have witnessed in Ferguson, Missouri (USA), have some peaceful minded people, wondering just how involved one should be with such protests. Some of the protests are noble, in a sense, because the people are trying to call attention to an obvious problem with basic human rights and how those rights are being violated by those placed in authority and who are trusted by the general population. But there is nothing noble about acts of violence, no matter what side it may originate. One could say that the protests are out of control, considering the fact that innocent people have been sent to the hospital – some with serious injuries – as a result of what the media is referring to as chaos. The once peaceful protests in Boston have been marred by the wicked acts of a few.
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Today in the Church – Manichaeans Observe Second Proclamation of Mani’s Prophethood

Today, or this evening, Manichaeans will recall the events that took place with the Paraclete’s visit with Mar Mani and the second proclamation of Mar Mani’s Prophethood.

“The spirit, whose name was Yisho, taught Mani that he should avoid sensual misconduct and dedicate himself to prayer, fasting, study, and virtuous living, that when Mani came of age, the Twin would instruct him further. This would not occur until Mani had reached twenty-four years of age.” (Acts of Mar Mani 4:6)

“Even before his proclamation of prophethood, he was teaching those who sought him out concerning the Divine Mysteries. It was in these early days that Mani developed his first followers.” (AMM 5:12)

“On the twentieth day of March in the two-hundred and fortieth year, at the age of twenty-four, Mani again received a visitation from the Paraclete.
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