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Study Questions for TMI 15

A Covenant for All Humankind

1 Liberation of the soul is not dependent on membership in any religious group or church.

2 Liberation is achieved through the worship of the One God, acceptance of His Divine Messenger, and cultivation of the Twelve Virtues and Holy Commandments.

3 Worship the One God who is outside of time and creation; abandon idolatry.

4 Accept the Divine Messenger sent by God and the pure teaching.
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Featured Literature for April 2015

“All those who share these Teachings of Light in their tongues and by printed page, they too shall be blessed and given a special place at my table in the greater horizon above the earth.” (2 Tr 12:14)

During the month of April you might wish to share more topic-specific materials such as some used in the literature listed below.
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The Final Messenger of Light

Question: Is Mir Tarendra the “final” or last Messenger or will there be others in other eras?

The name “Mir Izgadda” is Syriac and means “the Lord Third Messenger” or “Third Envoy.” With him are many others. He is a manifestation caused by the Will of the Father of Greatness. Within Mir Izgadda are many, possibly countless Manifestations of his own and each of these also have Emanations. It is difficult to explain this fully in human terms. Mir Tarendra is a Manifestation of the Third Messenger. The various sons are, in some cases, Emanations of Mir Tarendra. Sometimes the name “Mir Izgadda” and “Mir Tarendra” are used interchangeably because of their shared responsibilities.
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Manichaeans to Commemorate Saints Jacob and Hanna Krause

On 30 March, Manichaean Communities throughout the world will be commemorating the memory of Saints Jacob and Hanna Krause. Jacob and Hanna were a Manichaean couple from Germany. Brother Jacob and his wife were instrumental in the establishment of the Old Order Manichaeans in the early 1950s.
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Study Questions for GoM 2

1 Now, after many ages, Matter was divided against itself, and its fruits against each other; Matter became disorderly, and it produced and increased, and kept emanating many powers.

2 So then, having increased, it pushed on, not fully knowing the existence of the Good; and when the war had begun, and some were chasing while others were being chased, as it rose up more and more, it saw both the earth and the Light of the Good; in the course of conflict the darkness passed beyond its own boundaries.
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