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Working During Sabbath

help wanted“How do we deal with the issue of a worldly employer forcing one to work during Sabbath without a choice? What kind of advice can we give new adherents of the Religion of Light?”

This is a dilemma that many of the brethren face in businesses that do not care to understand the religious and cultural aspects of their employees. The employer either is unaware or does not care that persons of the Religion of Light observe a seventh day Sabbath (Saturday).
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Fossil Fuels and Saving the Environment

earth-world-globeA brother recently asked “How much fossil fuels are actually being burned and since it is part of the world of Matter, should we be very concerned? Is it of great importance that we become champions of saving the environment?”

Dear Brother,

I am happy to respond to your inquiry concerning fossil fuels. An article in a recent issue of Forbes magazine1 says that fossil fuels actually fuel “almost everything we like about modern life: They feed us, warm us, transport us and keep the lights on while powering industry and the Internet.”
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Various Manifestations of Mirs Listed by Name

A brother recently asked “How many Mirs have manifested? And are they counted as one? What are their names?…. What is the difference between a Mir and a Mar?”

There have been countless Mirs that have manifested over the centuries. These are “countless” from the human and angelic perspective. According to the Religion of Light, this is because they constantly manifest, sometimes more than one hundred a day for various purposes.

Each of these are manifested from one source — the Living Spirit — He Himself being manifested from the bosom of the Father of Greatness — thus they are considered as one. The spirit manifestations are invisible to human eyes until such a time when the Divine Messenger is required to take upon itself a physical body. “In the divine arrangement, the Living Spirit manifests in various ages as Messengers of Light for the benefit of all humanity.” (Teachings of Mir Izgadda)
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