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Why Does God Allow Suffering? Is There a Way Out?

Life in the world is very difficult. No matter if you are rich or poor, life is filled with every sort of pain and suffering. With so much violence, sickness and death in the world, it is no wonder that for ages, people have asked, “Why does God allow suffering?”

Even with all these problems in the world, the Third Messenger of the Manichaean Faith has said there is hope. “The Light of the Father shines even in the darkest of nights so that all those seeking Him in honesty may find Him.”1

Manichaeans believe that human suffering, pain and ailments are attributed to the evil one, and not to God. Manichaeans also believe that God is all-powerful, but at the same time, they believe He is outside time and space. When Manichaeans say that God is outside time and space, this means that God is not associated with the physical world in any way, with the exception of sending His various Messengers to give guidance, teaching and comfort for a better future.
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The Manichaean View of Astrology and Magic

zodiac-pdJohn and his wife Barbara1 decided to begin spending more quality time together. They decided to go out for a nice dinner and to leave their two children, ages nine and twelve, with a baby sitter each Friday evening.

After a couple of months, the mother realised there were some very new and unpleasant behavioural issues taking place with both of her children. After discussing the problem with her husband, the parents discovered the baby sitter had been entertaining the children with the use of a Ouija board and a board game that used cards to consult with spirits. Upon asking the baby sitter about this, she told the parents she thought it was only a game, that she did not see any harm in it and that she and her friends did this all the time when they were bored. She also told the parents that they had been using a social network to play a fortune telling game and that the children enjoyed it because it kept them occupied.
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Three Poisons of the Evil One

“Three Poisons of the Evil One”

9 December 2013

Dear Brethren, Shlama lukh.

All humanity is marked as either being righteous or unrighteous according to the divine standard. There are two masters, brethren, one of the Light and one of the darkness. Il’Ya is the King of the Light, while the evil one is the king of darkness. There are those who serve God and those who serve the evil one.

The beloved Prophet Mani said, “There are two Sources – God and Matter, Light and darkness, Good and evil – in all ways quite opposite, for they share nothing with each other, God being good and having nothing in common with evil. ” (Karuzuta d’Mar Mani 1:1)
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