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The Manichaean View of the Crucifixion

crucifixDo Manichaeans believe Christ underwent a physical crucifixion and subsequent resurrection? Was he literally hanged on a cross? Some scholarly writings say that Manichaeans despise the thought of the Crucifixion – is this true?

Manichaeans speak of the Crucifixion in three different ways.

  • The Light being crucified, the Cross of Light
  • Isho (Jesus) was crucified (pierced, hanged) during the time of the Tabernacle (Moses’ time)
  • The “appearance” of Crucifixion in First Century Judaea

All three of these are related, with the last two pointing back to the Cross of Light.
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Why Various Celestial Beings Often Share the Same Name

atlas-shabalaQuestion: In the prophecy of the Trees, it says Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is both Melekh Shubkha and Ania, but another Manichaean document says that Shabala (Sabala) is also the same Bodhisattva. Are Melekh Shubkha, Ania, and Shabala one and the same? And what about Avalokiteshvara (Guan Yin in Chinese) the Call, or Karia? Is this Divinity associated with any other Aeons?

Shabala (Atlas) and Shubkha share the role of Ksitigarbha, so yes, they are the same, but only in the sense of sharing the responsibility of serving as such a Bodhisattva.

Avalokiteshvara is associated with various divine beings and Messengers. The name is used in a multitude of ways, much in the same way, for example, Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha is a name used for both Avalokiteshvara and for Buddha Moni. The name is also used in reference to the Living Spirit and a number of His various manifestations and emanations.
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A New World – Old and New Earth


The topics related to the development and locations of the “new earth”, “paradise”, “New Horizon” and the “old earth” spoken of in the Religion of Light can often be confusing if one does not take into consideration that the Third Messenger and the Manichaean Scriptures use these terms to indicate both physical and spiritual realms, and the fact that these terms are often employed both in a metaphorical and literal sense. Then there are other terms such as “Bahisht” which also means “Paradise”, and “Kingdom of Light”, “Celestial Realm”, “Heaven”, and so on. Clarification on these subjects is of the utmost importance when attempting to come to a proper understanding of the religious beliefs of adherents of the Religion of Light.

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Receive the news “simultaneously”?

book-146504_640In the first edition of the Manichaean Holy Book of Light, in the Karuzuta d’Mar Mani 85:2, we read: “Then will the Lord Mithra (the Third Messenger) come from the Vehicle of the Sun to the combined region, and a Shout will be raised, and in the Moon and in the Zodiac and the Stars a great Sign will become manifest and the whole world will receive the news simultaneously.”

There is a problem with this verse as has been pointed out by His Divine Presence. The main difference is the very last part of the verse. Greenlees’ edition and the 1st Ed. of the Holy Book says: “the whole world will receive the news simultaneously.” His Divine Presence has indicated that “The Karazuta does not give the thought that every person on earth would, at that time, ‘receive this news’ at the exact same time, but over a period of time.”
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